About Hala.ai

Last Updated: 25.10.2019


With Hala.ai, you can create conversational digital skills (chatbots) within minutes, build advanced dialogues to manage the conversation flow with the user, and integrate your skills with the enterprise software. When your assistant is launched, it continually improves with machine learning and can be updated in real-time based on user interactions.

How it works

The following diagram illustrates how it works:

  • Start conversation with Hala by using text, voice or send the image with the problem (print screen)

  • You can use different channels for the conversation; it can be default Hala chat, or Hala can be integrated with messengers or incident management tools. For example, the end-users can communicate with Hala via ServiceNow or Jira Service Desk or Slack

  • Hala understands the natural language & context of the query. Hala matches each user input with the exciting skills

  • Hala integrates with the enterprise software to solve the user query. If you do not need integration with enterprise software, Hala can use the internal logic of the skills to respond to the user query

  • Hala can help with retrieving information, modifications, data visualization, solve the IT issues, creation of new objects, provide the reports & analytics and much more

  • Hala learns based on historical data and with each new user request over and over again


The following diagram represents the structure of the Hala components:

  • Skill Kit. With Skill kit you can manage all the Digital Skills (chatbots);

  • Skills Store. The Skills Store is under construction. When the Skills Store is released, you will get access to the predefined skills and activate them in a few seconds. It is like an app store for iPhone, but in Hala Skills Store, you will see available Digital Skills that you can activate and use in your assistant.

  • Hala Chat. Hala chat is a communication Web Interface available in any modern web browser. The end-users can use a chat interface for communication with Hala. All skills that you will build on the Hala Platform are available in Hala chat.

  • AI Technologies. Core Hala technologies responsible for input text processing and context understanding.

  • Integrations & Actions. It allows you to integrate Hala with external applications.

Browser support

Hala supports all modern web browsers.

Language support

At this time, there is only one language available - English. In the next releases we will make additional languages available: German, French, Dutch, Czech, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish.

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions are available here.