Quick reply

Last Updated: 25.10.2019


Sometimes we expect from the user some predefined answers, like "yes" or "no," to help the user better navigate you can add quick reply buttons so that they can select one of the options as an input.

When a user clicks one of the quick replies buttons, an associated user input value is sending to the Hala.

Adding quick reply

To add the quick reply buttons, go to the output section and select the option for adding quick reply buttons:

Enter the value and press enter:

You can add as many values as you want.

Expert mode in JSON format

You can use the expert mode to specify the quick reply buttons. The expert mode becomes available by pressing the button next to the word "Output."

Access the Expert mode

Here is the JSON format for adding quick reply buttons:

"type": "text",
"value": "Please select a status for your incident",
"quickReply": [