Text random

Last Updated: 25.10.2019


With random text, you can add variations to the output so Hala can respond to the same condition in different ways. It is important because users can become bored if they see the same response every time. So by adding the random text output, you can make the chat more intelligent.

The system randomly selects a text string from the variations to respond, and randomly chooses another variant the next time.

To add the random text, you need to use expert mode, in the future we will add UI component for adding the random text, so currently you need to use JSON format for adding.

Expert mode in JSON format

You can use the expert mode to specify the output random text. The expert mode becomes available by pressing the button next to the word "Output."

Access the Expert mode

Here is the format in JSON for the random text:

"type": "randomText",
"value": [