Skills Kit

Last Updated: 25.10.2019


In Skill Kit, you can manage all your skills. In the future, Skill Kit will also include the skills that can be activated from the skill store.

Digital Skills are best described as cognitive bots, that you can customize based on your needs, integrate with the enterprise software, and deploy across different channels to bring the natural language interface that transform the user query into the action.

This transformation occurs when an assistant routes user query to a digital skill and it matches one of the intents inside your assistant.

Skills in real life

Hala skills look like human skills. For example, I know how to check the weather; I know how to book a restaurant, and I know how to reset the password in SAP.

The skill represents the simple process or action that we can describe by using the logic "If This Then That".

If we will take, for example, the business and if we think about the skills, we can define the next examples of the skills that Hala can automate:

  • Reset password

  • Create a new user

  • Book a business trip

  • Create new purchase requisition

  • Check if the invoice is paid

  • Provide the information about the vacation days left

  • Provide user manuals

  • Modify customer master data

  • Get weather forecast Book a flight

  • etc

Before you start thinking about the skills, you can begin to think about the processes inside your organization. Based on your position and department, you can identify routine procedures (processes) that take most of the time for employees to execute. Each of these processes can equal one skill.

How it works

  1. User starts a conversation (text & voice) with the assistant

  2. User input routes to the digital skills that meet root node condition (intent, entity, context, regex or function)

  3. User query match with the intent in root nodes of the skills

  4. The matched node then delivers a response back to the user

  5. The answer can be a text, media content, tables, cards, analytics, forms or response from the enterprise software

Structure of the Skills

The Skill (a bunch of the dialog nodes) matches intents (what users say) to responses (what the Hala says back) or actions. The response might be the answer to a question such as How to post an invoice? or the execution of an API request, such as reset password in SAP. The intent and entity might be enough to identify the correct skill node and the response. For example, if a user asks, Create a new incident? you might want to clarify the status of the incident and description. You can ask for more details, and for this, you would need to create additional skill nodes.

To build a meaningful dialog with the users, you need to use dialog nodes. More information here: Dialog nodes

Adding Skill

To add the skill, go to the section "Skill Kit" on the Hala Platform and press button "Create skill." Enter the skills name, and optionally you can add description and tags.

Click on button Save Skill.

Then you will be prompted to the section "Dialog nodes," where you can add dialogue nodes. More information about the adding dialog nodes, you can find in the section Dialog Nodes

Edit Skill

To edit the skill, you need to open existing skill, where you can make changes in two sections: General and Dialog nodes. When you will make the changes press the button "Save Changes."

Delete Skill

To delete the skill, open the skills kit, find the skill that you want to delete, and open the menu. In the dropdown list, select the "Delete," after that your skill will be deleted.