Last Updated: 25.10.2019


You can integrate the Hala with ServiceNow and bring the automation of routine incidents into your organization.

Use case - Create/update the incidents

Hala can help the end-users create the incidents in ServiceNow. The following diagram describes the process flow:

  1. The end-user asks to create the incident

  2. Hala matches the user input with the skill Create a new Incident.

  3. Based on the Skill configuration and the user input, Hala can ask for additional details

  4. When the user provides the additional details, then Hala makes the API request to ServiceNow for creating a new incident

  5. When the incident is created in ServiceNow, the service will send the Hala the API response

  6. In case of a successful response, Hala will send the information to the user that the incident is created

  7. The end-user will get the information that the Incident is created

The automation of the creation of new incidents with Hala, can help reduce the time that end-users spend on this process and also reduce the time of the first level of support.

Use case - Automate routine incidents from the users

ServiceNow can trigger Hala for further incident automation. Hala will be part of the Service Desk team and take the responsibility to solve routine queries from the users.

The following diagram describes one of the examples for the automation of incidents in ServiceNow.

  1. The end-user creates a new incident in ServiceNow. After that, the business rules (should be created in ServiceNow upfront) will send the information to the Hala about the new incident. ServiceNow triggers Hala to analyze the description of the incident.

  2. If Hala matches the description of the incident with one of the existing skills, then Hala will update the incident in ServiceNow.

  3. Hala will assign the incident to the technical user "Hala" in ServiceNow and also can update the status of the incident from new to in progress

  4. When the incident is updated, Hala will receive the success response from ServiceNow about that. With the next step, Hala will make the API call to SAP to reset the password.

  5. In the SAP will be executed Standart Functional Module, to reset the password. After the execution of the Functional Module, the SAP will send the response to Hala.

  6. Hala evaluate the response, and if the response is successful then Hala will send the information to the ServiceNow for updating the incident

  7. As the last step of this example, Hala will add the comment in the ServiceNow incident that the user should receive the email with a new password. Also, Hala will update the incident status from in progress to resolved.

Automation of routine queries can improve the productivity of end-users and also reduce up to 35% of IT service costs.

Adding integration

To add the integration with ServiceNow, go to the section "Integrations" and click "Add integration".

Select the "ServiceNow" block and then enter the values for adding the integration with ServiceNow.

To connect Hala to your ServiceNow account, you will need the following details:

  • The URL of your ServiceNow instance

  • The user name and password that you use to log in to the instance. This user must be assigned the itil and soap roles to allow access to the features and capabilities required by App Connect. Your ServiceNow administrator should be able to assign these roles to your user account. If you are using a ServiceNow personal developer instance and access your instance using the default admin account for the System Administrator profile, you should already have the required access because this account is automatically assigned the admin role, which provides access to all features and capabilities.

  • A client ID (auto-generated) and client secret (user specified, or auto-generated if left blank). For information about obtaining a client ID and client secret, see Create endpoint for external clients in the ServiceNow documentation. You can copy and paste the client ID and client secret values into App Connect when prompted.

When you will enter all the values, please click "Save". Now you have added the integration with ServiceNow.

Next step: Go to the section Actions and check available actions for the ServiceNow.