Last Updated: 25.10.2019


You can integrate the external application with Hala by using Integrations and Actions. When you add the Integration and Actions, then you can use the Actions to make the API calls directly from the chat with Hala.

Integrations and Actions

Integrations mean the authorization with your external application.

Actions mean the API parameters that you will send to the external application.

You can add one integration and create as many actions as you want for one particular integration.

Here are the structure of integrations and actions:

Predefined integrations

With Hala predefined integrations, you can connect your applications (apps) in minutes, whether they are on the cloud or a private network, and with no coding required.

You can easily use Hala to connect apps like ServiceNow and SAP, so that when the action is triggered in the Hala Skills, Hala will make the API request to connected apps.

In the future, you will see in predefine integrations more applications like Salesforce, Oracle, Slack, Messengers, JIRA Service Desk, etc.

Custom integration

For adding the custom integration you can use REST API.

Secure connection to on-premise systems

Connecting between on-premise systems to cloud-based SaaS applications is already a huge productivity improvement for business users. But in many midsize and large companies, crucial data exists in on-premises applications (and backend systems) such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financial applications. To leverage the benefits of SaaS applications, they need to have secure connectivity to the on-premises applications.

With Hala, you can use the IBM Secure Gateway to connect SaaS and cloud applications to on-premises applications that are available on a private network (for example, your company network or a private cloud, behind a firewall). This enables data to be exchanged securely between the Hala and on-premises applications like SAP.

More information is here - IBM Secure Gateway

If you want to use a secure connection to your on-premise systems, please contact the Hala support team.