Create a simple skill

Last Updated: 25.10.2019

For example, you want to build a simple skill that providing the answer to the end-users. Let's assume end-users are getting a lot of suspicious emails, and they don't know what to do with it and how to block such emails.

You can create a skill that will provide the answer to the end-user question.

Step 1. At first, you need to create an intent to recognize the user input about the suspicious emails. Go to the Intents section on the Platform and press New Utterance

Step 2. To change the default name of the intent, click on icon pencil next to the default value, or you can click on the default value, and then you will be able to modify it.

Step 3. Specify the name of the intent and press Enter

Step 4. Now you need to provide examples of how the end-users can write about suspicious emails. You need to provide at least five examples.

Step 5. Save your changes and train model

Step 6. Go to the Skill Kit section on the Hala Platform and create a skill by pressing the button Create skill

Step 7. Provide the name of the skill, description, and tags (last two is optional). Press next for creating the dialog flow.

Step 8. You will be promoted to the interface for creation dialog flow. Create the first root node by pressing the button Add new

Step 9. Open the created dialog node and fill it.

  • Field Name - you can enter any value, for example "Get question from the user"

  • Conditions - here you need to specify created intent intent.suspicious_emails

  • Actions - skip this section

  • Context - skip this section

  • Output - in output we can specify the answer from Hala for questions related to the suspicious emails. For example, we can create next output:

Step 10. Save the changes by pressing button "Save Changes". Now you have created the simple skill with one dialog node.

Remember to save your changes.

Step 11. Test the results. Go to the Hala Web Chat by using the next link and type the first message in the chat. You can type one of the trained phrases, or you can use new phrases that weren't specified in intent training.

Congratulations! You have created your first skill and tested it.